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NorthWest Dreamscape Art is the culmination of years of background designing for Disney, Dreamworks and many other studios. During those projects, I developed a style of Fantastic Realism that incoroporates a natural use of lighting and three dimensioanal construction. From projects like Hercules and Road to El Dorado and Pocahontas, I evolved a language of motifs inspired by Greco-Roman, Mayan, Aztec, and Incan arts, and a touch of Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. Adding to this is the love of nature in my home in the Oregon Columbia Gorge Scenic Forest where I am daily inspired by the moods of nature. My Dreamscape forest use mist, evergreens, mossy Alder, waterfalls, cloudy skies, ferns and many other elements of the great Northwest scenery.

All giclee prints are a limited edition series of 250 each that use archival inks on hot press watercolor heavy weight paper that is museum quality acid free and pH Buffered.

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